Owners Corporation Information

Annual budget and OC Contributions

The annual budget is in place to cover the anticipated expenditure of the Owners Corporation. The financial period for the Owners Corporation runs from 1 October until 30 September. Please email contact@scmanagers.com.au for info.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Owners are invited to attend the AGM every year, this is normally held onsite at the estate. Key decisions affecting all owners are made at the AGM.  Please email contact@scmanagers.com.au for a full copy.

Owners Corporation Committee Meeting Minutes

The OC1 Committee Meets on regular intervals to discuss items of importance for the estate and make decisions for repairs & maintenance, general upkeep and improvement projects for the overall enjoyment of residents at Wyndham Harbour.


Access to these minutes is limited to lot owners for their confidential contents and agenda items.


For access, please email us

You will be supplied a unique user name and password for your personal access to the minutes.



Owners Corporation Info

For a full copy if the plan of subdivision, which contains all lots at Wyndham Harbour, please click on the link below:


Plan of subdivsion

Click below to download copy

Selling your property?

You will require what’s known as an Owners Corporation Certificate to accompany your sales documentation. These can be requested from the Owners Corporation Manager by providing your details below. The manager will then contact you to confirm your details and payment for your certificate.

Please confirm turnaround time required for the certificate. Rates listed are subject to change based on the Victorian Department of Treasury. The rates listed are for a single OC certificate and include GST, additional charges apply for additional or limited OC certificates.

6-10 Business Days – $159.38               

3-5 Business Days – $239.07

2 Business Days – $286.85

Owners Corporation

Strata Community Managers Pty Ltd

Level 1, 333 Drummond St, Carlton Vic 3053

PO Box 7042, MELBOURNE VIC 3004

For feedback or complaints:


For maintenance requests and other general OC enquiries: