Owners Corporation Rules

OC Rules

There are Special Rules specific to your Owners Corporation. All owners should have received a copy of these with their settlement paperwork.

These rules are there to protect the property and those living within it. They take a common sense approach to preserving the rights of everyone connected to the Owners Corporation.

They exist to help you by ensuring those living in an Owners Corporation do the right thing. If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to get in touch with the Owners Corporation Manager.

Adherence to the OEMP is an important component of the rules for OC1, this includes maintenance of vacant blocks which are yet to be developed. Penalties apply to those owners who do not maintain their vacant blocks.

For a copy of the rules for OC1 please click below:

Rules for OC1

Download copy by clicking the button.

Owners Corporation

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Level 1, 333 Drummond St, Carlton Vic 3053

PO Box 7042, MELBOURNE VIC 3004

For feedback or complaints:

 email us.




For maintenance requests and other general OC enquiries:

email SCM.