Gym Rules of Use




Hours of operation for the gym are 5:00am – 11:00pm.

The gym is for residents of Wyndham Harbour only. Residents are not permitted to access the gym outside of the designated hours of operation.

Persons under the age 18 are not permitted to use the gym or the gym equipment at any time. Residents use the gym and equipment provided at their own risk.

Residents must cease use and seek medical assistance if at any time they feel unwell when using the gym.

Users should ascertain if they are fit and well enough to use the gym equipment.

Medical advice should be sought prior to commencing any new exercise regime. CCTV is in operation at all times to ensure the safety and security of those using the gym.

Appropriate clothing & foot-wear must be worn at all times while using the amenities and surrounding area (no jeans, work boots, sandals, bare feet etc.)

No food or alcohol is permitted in the gym at any time.

Smoking is not permitted at any time throughout the gym or Wetlands Club facility.

No pets are permitted at any time in the gym or surrounding areas.

Guide & or therapeutic dogs allowed.

Users are to exit the gym prior to 11:00 pm after which time the lights will go out inside the gym.

During busy times users should limit their time on the cardio equipment to 20 minutes. Equipment should be shared in-between sets with other users.

The residents will under no circumstances use the gym amenities for any trade or business where they receive financial restitution.


For reasons of health and safety, residents must adhere strictly to the following:

– All equipment is to be returned tidily to the appropriate location in the gym and surrounding area.

– Residents should bring a small towel to wipe down machinery after use.

– All equipment must be wiped down after use. Antiseptic wipes have been provided for all gym residents.

– Drinking water is available in the gym toilets and a vending machine is provided for other food and drinks.

– Offensive behaviour or language will not be tolerated.

– Excessive noise and mistreatment of equipment will not be tolerated.

– Users may listen to music while using the gym using personal headphones only.

Free Wi-Fi is provided for use in the gym, details are provided below.

– Maintenance issues relating to the gym equipment and the gym itself must be immediately reported to the Owners Corporation or Facilities Manager.

The Owners Corporation and Facilities Management reserve the right to close down the gym amenities for an extended period of time due to maintenance or reason pertaining to health, safety and security.

Users must comply with these rules at all times.

The Owners Corporation reserves the right to deny and/or limit a resident’s access at any time.

The Owners Corporation, its committee, management and staff accept no liability for any incident, accident or loss that may arise from the use or misuse of the gym amenities or equipment.

This includes any personal items brought into the gym, which remain the responsibility of the user at all times.


Gym Free Wi-Fi Details: Network Name: WH GYM Password: werribeesouth

Issued on behalf of Owners Corporation No 1 PS540313Q